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Set up a Workspace

Workspace Client

In order to work with a workspace, the so-called Amazon Workspace Client is required. The workspace client must be downloaded and installed.

The download can be found here:


Download the Workspace Client for Windows

Install the Workspce Client and register it.

You will receive the registration code from MuM.Firewall settings for access to your personal workspace The Amazon WorkSpaces client uses certain communication ports in your firewall to connect to your personal workspace. The ports required for communication are automatically unblocked by installing the Amazon WorkSpaces client Ports. In some cases, however, error messages may still be displayed and the connection may not be established. If you receive an error message that the communication via TCP could not be established, please enable the following ports in your firewall – each as incoming and outgoing rule: TCP ports 443 and 4172 and the open UDP port 4172 (depending on the firewall settings, you may need the support of your IT department) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Notes The Amazon WorkSpaces client application requires outbound access to the following ports: Port 443 (TCP) Dieser Port wird für die Aktualisierung, Registrierung und Authentifizierung der Client-Anwendung verwendet. Port 4172 und 4195 (UDP und TCP) Diese Ports werden für das Streamen des WorkSpace-Desktops und für Zustandsprüfungen verwendet. Zustandsprüfungsserver Die Amazon WorkSpaces-Client-Anwendungen führen Zustandsprüfungen über die Ports 4172 und 4195 durch. Anhand dieser Prüfungen wird festgestellt, ob der TCP- oder UDP-Datenverkehr von den Amazon WorkSpaces-Servern an die Client-Anwendungen gestreamt wird. Damit diese Prüfungen erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden, müssen Ihre Firewall-Richtlinien ausgehenden Datenverkehr zu den IP-Adressen der folgenden regionalen Zustandsprüfungsserver zulassen. Europa (Frankfurt) / drp-fra.amazonworkspaces.com:

This allows you to check that the workspace is working properly:

If everything is in the green area, you can start the workspace.

Start the Workspace Client and log in with the workspace user name and password:

Username and password can be obtained from MuM.

Example of a workspace after login:

Change password

You can change the password of your workspace by proceeding as follows:

  1. Starting the Workspace Client
  2. Click on Forgot your password?

In the next window, enter the user name (name of the workspace) and in the lower field the displayed characters:

After pressing the Recover password button, an email will be sent.

You will receive an email with further instructions. Go back to the login page.

The email will only be delivered to the address that the Workspace Administrator of MuM has defined for the workspace.

The email contains a link to change the password:

This can be used to reset the password. Enter a new password here.

Please observe the password policy:

Tip: passwords must not contain the name of the workspace!

After clicking the Reset password button, you will receive a success message in the browser:

As final confirmation a final email will be sent:

Again, the email is only delivered to the address that the workspace administrator of MuM has defined for the workspace.