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How to request licenses

After you have purchased a software of Man and Machine you have to request a license file from us.

To create a license file we need some information from you. For this you first have to download and execute a program from us on the PC or server where the software is to be installed.

Download License Configurator

Click on this URL below or type it into your browser.


After that please click on Download LicenseConfiguratorWeb.zip.

Depending on your browser, a dialog window will open or the download will start directly.

License Configurator

After downloading the zip file, unzip it and copy the content into a directory with write permissions, e.g. C:\Temp. Then start the LicenseConfiguratorWeb.exe included in it.

License Configurator

Create License Info File

To get a license from us, you must first create a license info file. To do this, click on the button “Save informations for license creation…” in this program. The information contained therein, MAC address and HOST name, is required to create the license file for this Server or PC.

Save this license info file (XML format) for the license creation in any directory. Then please send the created license info file back to us using this e-mail adress:


Based on this information we provide you with a license file (*.mumlic) and send it back to your e-mail account.

Activate a license

To activate a license file, start the LicenceConfiguratorWeb.exe on the respective PC or server.

The license can be activated either for a single Windows user or for all users of the server / PC.

Activate User or Machine

If you choose Machine, this means that regardless of which Windows user is logged on to the computer, the license can be used.

License configurator – active license

After selecting the license file you can see in the dialog which path was used and how the license file is valid for this server/pc.

Several license files can be inserted.

Please check if a green check mark is activated. The licensed programs can then be used to their full extent. If not, please contact our support team.

A double click on the license file opens another dialog which shows you the currently activated licenses.

License configurator – green check mark

Non-Windows operating system

If you want to install MapEdit Mobile on a non-Windows operating system, the license info file must be created by calling a URL.


Replace the [YOURSERVER] and portnumber (default 8080) in this URL with the hostname of the server on which MapEdit Mobile is installed as it is accessible from outside.

By calling this URL the license info file (XML format) is created in your MapEditData directory.

Example: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\MapEditData

Send the license info file (XML) to the e-mail address as described above. As soon as you have received the license file (*.mumlic) from us, please store it in your MapEditData directory on your MapEdit Mobile Server.