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MapEdit Mobile 20.1.4

vom 17.07.2020

Neuerungen und Verbesserungen

Mit der Version 20.1.4 sind folgende Neuerungen und Verbesserungen verfügbar.

Sie können direkt sehen inwiefern Ihr über unseren Support gemeldeten Fall oder Wunsch in dieser Version gelöst wurde. Falls vorhanden haben wir jeweils einen Verweis auf das entsprechende Support Ticket mit aufgeführt.

Beispiel: [Support Ticket#84433]

Allgemeine Hinweise

Version 20.1.4 (1/2020 Hotfix 4)
-support for data models converted from Oracle to PostgreSQL with lower case table and column names, but upper case names in the TB-/Map-tables
-fix for issues with type conversions on PostgreSQL -reference/fid buttons without a caption show now "..." instead of their cryptic name in the data view form -better support for WildFly
-the MapEdit.properties file can also be put into standard configuration folder (i.e. WildFly\standalone\configuration) 
-the highlight button in the map info function is now enabled also if the user is not allowed to open a form
-fixes for position tracking and JS-API getCurrentLocation() 
-fix for import of Map3d dialogs from PostgreSQL 
-fixes for electric functions 
-reworked handling of duct/conductor searching 
-selected columns in electric explorer configuration retain their ordering 
-fixes for search configuration and search form 
-fix for accessing TileServers with complex passwords 
-pull-to-refresh is disabled, so on mobile Chrome browser the page will not reload if pulling the contents down 
-fixes for old Oracle Switzerland coordinate system (EPSG 352257) 
-fix for creating/editing database connections in the admin view 
-updated libraries

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Updated on Juli 20, 2020