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MapEdit Desktop 9.1.254

released 18.10.2019

Please note that you have installed at least MapEdit version 8.3.21 before installing 9.1.254. Otherwise, there is an obsolete data structure on the server.

If you have Windows 7 PC/Workstations we recommend to continue using the current versions of MapEdit 8.3.x. If you have any questions, you can also contact our support team.

New features

With version 9.1.254 the complete administration of MapEdit Desktop has been moved to a new program. The MapEdit AppBuilder is now and in the future the central place and interface for the configuration of all other MapEdit products.

Please note that from version 9.1.x on the MapEdit server the configuration is automatically changed to the new structure. Make sure that a backup of the MapEdit web server directory has been made before.


MapEdit AppBuilder – Configuration of Ribbons

In the new AppBuilder there are many new features like the more flexible project management, virtual database connections, display model management (for Professional), an improved ribbon management with preview function, or a completely new form designer.

Further information about the AppBuilder can be found in the product documentation.

Desktop Client

Only a few changes are visible to end users in the client compared to version 8.3. or older. Most of the changes were in the background or affected the configuration options. The options are now slightly different.

Please note that with version 9.1.254 there are new MapEdit Starter programs available and that they will be updated at your central repository or on the clients directly after the update.

Updated on May 19, 2020