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MapEdit Desktop 8.3.39

released 23.10.2019

Please note that you have installed MapEdit version 8.3.21 or higher before installing 8.3.39. Otherwise, there is an obsolete data structure on the server.

New features


  • #3469 The number of licenses used at the same time was determined incorrectly.
  • #3516 Empty rows were imported during Excel import
  • #9999 NEPLAN360 Plugin and Webservice updated

NEPLAN360 Plugin

The MapEdit Neplan web service is moved from Mum.Geo.Services to Mum.Geo.Neplan.WebService and must be set up in the path wwwroot\Mum.Geo.Neplan.WebService just like the ALKIS directory assistance as an application in IIS.

Due to changes in NEPLAN360 Release 10.7.9 or higher, the MapEdit interface had to be adapted. Please note that the web service on the MapEdit server must be configured differently.

Updated on November 12, 2019