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MapEdit 9.1.259

released 23.10.2019

Please note that you have installed at least MapEdit version 8.3.21 before installing 9.1.259. Otherwise, there is an obsolete data structure on the server.

If you have Windows 7 PC/Workstations we recommend to continue using the current versions of MapEdit 8.3.x. If you have any questions, you can also contact our support team.

New features

With version 9.1.259 the following improvements have been released.

MapEdit Professional

  • #2202 Scale setting improved
  • #2085 Some crashes during the first loading / rendering of DWG elements
  • #1941 Delete object associated labels are not deleted

MapEdit AppBuilder

  • #2206 Crash – Dialog Designer – Open Form
  • #1934 The replace tabs command is missing
  • #1648 The functions Swap tab and Suppress group are missing.
  • #1644 Some properties of the controls have no UI function.
  • #2230 Register/Tab does not work correctly
Updated on December 13, 2019