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Multilingual Ribbon configuration

Automatic display depending on language

Depending on which language the user has chosen, the system translation is displayed in dialogs of standard functions. To adjust this for the standard functions and dynamic content, proceed as follows.

Standard functions

For the standard functions, the texts are already translated into different languages. Then nothing has to be done in these settings.

If you want to change the text of the system which is displayed to the user, you can overwrite it in this dialog for the respective language.

Display depending on language

Which means you only enter something if you don’t want the title we pretend. With standard functions, the fields are all empty and the system translates them itself.

Dynamic content such as Tabs, Groups, Open Dialog

If you have integrated your own tabs or groups or dialog/open mask commands in the ribbons then you may not see anything in Default Caption.

If you have to support several languages at the same time (for example in Switzerland) then you have to make one entry per language.

Standard text for command Open mask (Dialog open)

So you enter the text for the first field (in this example German), if the selected language is German at the login. If you have chosen a different login language, you will see a different language at the top first!

Display Change text for German and English
Display with German login

If you now change the language when logging in, you get the respective text displayed.

Display with English Login

General rule:
If a language is not filled in then it takes what is written in English. If there is nothing in English it takes the “Default” value. The default value is different depending on the selected language. If the default value is not filled, it takes the first value that is filled.

Updated on October 31, 2019