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It could be that after an update installation it is necessary, as with a new installation, to apply for a new license. Within a valid software maintenance contract, you will have to call our Support team they will send you a new license as fast as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask or connect to your Man and Machine Consultant, or our technical Support team.

Please note that if you update your server from an older version e.g. 8.3.x to an actual release that you have to have installed the latest update of your version.

For example, that you have installed at least MapEdit version 8.3.21 (or higher) before installing 20.x. Otherwise, there is an obsolete data structure on the server. Please ask our Hotline and Support team for the right order to update the software and read this article:


Software Releases

MapEdit 21.1 (current release) – May 2021

To download our latest software please visit our Software Repository.

  • MapEdit AppBuilder
  • MapEdit Desktop
  • MapEdit Professional
  • MapEdit Mobile
  • MapEdit Portal
  • MapEdit Design
  • MapEdit TileServer


Please check our whats new articles on this website to find our what we changed in which release.


MapEdit 20.2 (supported) – November 2020

Release & Updates

11.03.2021 20.2.165
25.01.2020 20.2.148
18.12.2020 20.2.138
10.12.2020 20.2.134
27.11.2020 20.2.127

MapEdit 20.1 (out of date) – June 2020

Please update your 20.1 installation to the current release.

Release & Updates

16.11.2020 20.1.153
24.08.2020 20.1.136
24.07.2020 20.1.121
23.07.2020 20.1.120
17.07.2020 20.1.116
12.06.2020 20.1.101

MapEdit 9.1 (out of date) – October 2019

Please update your 9.1 installation to the current release.

This release was the initial release using our new generation of the admin user interface. MapEdit AppBuilder for configuration of MapEdit Desktop, and MapEdit Professional. Including new functions and administrative configuration using our new MapEdit AppBuilder.

Please note that in this version the configuration takes place in a completely new user interface (MapEdit AppBuilder) as it was in 8.3. or older. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new user interface or book a training course beforehand.

Release & Updates

14.04.2020 9.1.361
03.03.2020 9.1.354
13.01.2020 9.1.323
18.12.2019 9.1.309
23.10.2019 9.1.259
18.10.2019 9.1.254

MapEdit 8.3 (out of date) – October 2019

Please note that we only officially support release 8.3 until 31.12.2020. After that date no new versions or updates will be delivered. You can still use this version, but we recommend to update to one of the current versions as soon as possible. If there are problems or critical errors you must update to a new version.

The version 8.3.x has the MapEdit Desktop based administrative configuration user interface (before AppBuilder). We do not provide new functionality in this version. There is a long term support (LTS) and bugfixes until 31.12.2020.

Release & Updates

8.3.55 20.07.2020
8.3.51 14.04.2020
8.3.48 03.03.2020
8.3.46 13.12.2019
8.3.39 20.10.2019

Previous releases

First MapEdit release was installed in 2010, but we started in 2014 publishing all main changes in a simple website. This old release history from 2014 to 2019 can be viewed here: