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Here you can find our latest product documentation. Our documentation is available in PDF format. To view or open them you need a PDF viewer e.g. Adobe Reader.

The documentation is currently only available in German.

Administrator Guide

In order to get to know the configuration and settings of MapEdit, we have compiled our help for the administrators separately for each product.

Download Admin Guide

User Guide

For the users of MapEdit Desktop we have described how to apply the most important functions and user settings.

This Guide is helpful if you like to know how to use MapEdit especially if you haven´t done a on site training or online – course.

Download User Guide


How to install and license our software, you can find the current manual here.

Download Installation Guide

Please read our notes and system requirements before installing or updating your system.

Please check before you update your system, if your plugins or interfaces work with the new MapEdit version. It could be that we changed some functions in our API.


For the development of customer-specific functions and applications an API is available for MapEdit Desktop and Mobile.

Migrating old plugins

Please note if you have created your own MapEdit plugins with Silverlight or a portable class library, these plugins have to migrate to WPF.

To facilitate this transition, we have developed a tool that converts an existing portable C# project to WPF. You can find the tool in the ApiSamples in the folder “DeveloperTools” and simply run it with Visual Studio.

C:\Program Files (x86)\MuM MapEdit\ApiSamples\DeveloperTools

If you are using Web Service References in your MapEdit project, you must update them after conversion by right-clicking the appropriate reference and selecting Update Reference.

Because MapEdit 8.2 or higher uses the .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher, you must ensure that your plugin also uses the same .NET Framework version by checking the target framework version in the project properties. If all plugins already use WPF and the correct .NET Framework version, all you need to do is compile them against the MapEdit API to ensure that everything works without errors.